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Fruit and vegetables
Organic fruit and vegetables can no longer be ignored in today's food supply. This is why you will find organic and conventional 'IQF' fruit and vegetables at the best price in our range. IQF stands for 'Individually Quick Frozen'. By freezing quickly and individually, the formed ice crystals are smaller than when multiple products are frozen at the same time. This ensures no damaging during ice formation. Our fruit and vegetables are not only healthy but also make dishes more beautiful and tasty.

Fresh herbs are delicious to add to dishes. We offer a wide range of organic and conventional frozen herbs.

We offer delicious organic dairy products such as cream and cheese. Use our dairy products to make the tastiest cakes, pies and other treats. You can taste that our products are fresh and organic. We do not add any artificial substances during the production process. So you can always be sure of a 100% pure product.

In our range we have various organic and non-organic fats, such as different types of (non-palm) margarine and butter.

Egg products
We offer organic egg products from chickens that have all the space they need to live a nice life, such as scrambled whole egg, egg white, egg yolk and egg powder.

We also offer organic syrups, such as agave syrup and date syrup.

Vegetable powders
Our organic vegetable powders are an excellent way to add extra vegetables to dishes, such as soups and sauces.

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